Nicholaus Copernicus

1473-1543 (Poster by: Mackenzie Seace)

Let's talk a little bit about me

I am a Polish mathematician astronomer and support/greatly believe in my work. I have been doubted before but that doesn't stop me from my work. I have developed the heliocentric theory, published poetry, and confirmed Ptolemy's theory. Not to brag, but I am very intelligent and can speak many different languages.

The Heliocentric Theory

Although I have been told I am wrong many times, I still work to prove that I am right. With the Heliocentric theory, I explain that all the planets in the solar system (including Earth) revolve around the sun. Other astronomers believe that all planets revolve around Earth but they are wrong. We are not the center of the universe, the sun is. Although I have accomplished other things, I believe this to be my greatest. If it were not for my findings then we would live in a world where we did not know where we stood in the universe.

Why you should financially support me

I am making history with my findings. Everyday I continue to improve and advance my work. Supporting me would be a privilege and some profit could definitely be made on your part.