Wind energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources on earth . Some of the resources that we get energy from are sunlight,wind,tides and many more natural resources. Renewable resources means that they replenish very quickly. Replenish means that they come back quickly. Renewable resources are usually a never ending supply. Energy is found everywhere in nature. Some more examples of renewable energy are geothermal,marine ocean and biomass. Non- renewable energy means that it can run out,plus it takes millions of years.

How wind mills work?

This is how wind mills work.The blades of the wind mills spin around which pulls the wind in. The blades are connected to a shaft,the shaft is connected to a generator that makes the electricity that we use. That is how a wind mill works

Advantages of wind mills

Wind mills take up less space then a solar farm would. Wind mills are friendly to nature because they produce no exhaust or fuel burning or poluting the air. Wind mills are a great way to generate energy. Remot areas that are not connected to electricity can get there energy from wind mills . Those are some of the advantages to wind mills.

Disadvantages of wind mills

The main disadvantage is that it has it be windy for the wind mills to work so they have to be up high or near the water.they need to be up high because it is more windy near the clouds. Noise pollution is bad because people won't want to go outside because it would be to loud if one was near there house. Wind mills can also be dangerous for birds because they could get cut by the blades when they are spinning because they are up high in the air ,so the birds could fly right into it. A disadvantage for the Europeans was that there wind mills were turned by hand.


That is my report on renewable energy,a little bit of non-renewable energy and the advantages and disadvantage of wind mills.

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