50 years

Background history of the movement

Realism is the opposite of Idealism. Realism is an accurate presentation of what is visible. It is straight forward art and is what is seen through the eye. Realism was a cultural movement in France after the French revolution of 1848. The movement formed out of opposition against emotionalism and subjectivism.

Major artists in this movement and their contributions towards it.

Some major artists in the movement were John Waterhouse and Dante Rossetti. John was and English painter and Dante Rossetti was and English poet. They both were in a group called Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood which was a big group in the realism movement. They were a group of artists, poets, and painters that rejected British art school. They said they could make a career off art without going to school for it.

Cow, Goat, and Sheep.

This is my favorite Realism Painting. One of the main reasons the animals. It has very real features. The sheep's wool looks almost life like. The clouds in the back are drawn to proportion and are also real looking. The positive to negative space is perfect.