Flute Recitial

Isabelle Kraemer


My song is Processional by Louis-Claude Daquin, and Arranged by John Tyndall. It means of, for, or used in a religious or ceremonial procession or a book containing litanies and hymns for use in religious processions, especially at the beginning of a service.

Flute 3A Recital

Wednesday, April 15th, 9:30pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND


4/4 time signature= 4 on the bottom means the quarter note gets one beat, on the top the 4 represents the 4 beats in one measure.

Moderato= Moderato is the tempo, which is medium fast.
Multiple Measure Rest= Means that you hold a rest for the number above the rest
Mezzo Forte= Medium Loud
Slur= A curved line that connects two or more notes of different pitches.
Breath Marks= Where you are to breath in that measure, line, or throughout the song.
Tie= A curved line connects two or more notes of the same pitch. Tied notes are played as unbroken notes.
Crescendo= gradually play louder.
Forte= Loud
Ritardando= gradually get slower.
Fermata= Hold the note longer or rest longer than usual value



I have really enjoyed spending time with these girls. The teachers are mainly focused on making you successful and I like that too. This project really shows you as an individual and that is cool.