Zoo Director

By: Lauren Bryant

Job Description

Zoo directors collaborate with departmental directors and curators, who in turn supervise the other zoo staffers such as keepers, educators, veterinarian, support staff, and volunteers. Directors are responsible for ensuring that all day to day operations run smoothly and that animals are cared for in accordance with all applicable regulations. A director also usually acts as the chief spokesperson for the zoo.


Job Information

- Zoo directors tend to work regular hours as this is an administrative and managerial role, but they must also be available to deal with any emergency situations as they arise.

- Some evening and weekend hours may be necessary depending on the zoo’s schedule and to accommodate special events. Directors may also be required to travel to represent the zoo at conventions or other professional events.

Level of School Required

A zoo director must usually have at least a four year undergraduate degree in zoology, wildlife biology , animal science, or another closely related field. Many directors hold advanced training above and beyond an undergraduate degree, having pursued either a Master’s degree or a PhD in a relevant field.


Average salary in 2013 was $99,000.

Continuing Professional Development and Where you can work in the world.

There is no required continuing professional development but you can take different classes and courses to help you learn more about your job.

You can work any where in the world that has a zoo!

What I find interesting.

I love working with animals and this is what this job is all about.