Ewan Robert Frick

I also answer to, "The You Man".

How Ewan Became Ewan

My name is Ewan. It is a very difficult, four letter, word. So I have been called Ewan, Ewan, Ewan, Mcgregor, and for the ladies,

e-rex11@hotmail.com. Ewan is a Irish name, my red headed brother was named Toby, and it was chosen by my English mother. Mum and Dad thought they would live in Great Britain util my father was offered a job in the states. So close to an ascent.

The Past

The life of Ewan started as a young babe living in a christian camp just down the road from Buttsville, New Jersey. (That is a real place, I've been they, their hot-dogs are great) We lived in a christian camp because my father was the director, and my parents meet wile working together in a place like it. After three years, a great injustices was dealt in the form of a red headed demoed, brought for the purpose of, "Growing up with someone." That is how the little brother came to be, and how the life of Ewan stated.

The Family


How To Make Your Body Hate You

I am NOT an athlete at heart. It's my body that's made perfect. Before high school, I played soccer and was a okay defender. However, it wasn't until 7th grade P.E. that I found, "I'm a fast runner!" That's how I joined the Cross Country team. In my first year, we have become district champions, and qualified as a team for state.

The Danger of The Road

Thanks to the schooling system of California, and a teacher who said, and I quote, "He's a good kid, but he's always going to struggle," I repeated kindergarten when we made the move to Missouri. However, with a birthday on May 22, it doesn't change a lot of things. One thing it dose allow, is the head start at driving. So, I would like to give some safety tips when following a swerving car. Give plenty of room in case tailgating freaks them out, remember that we are all going to get there no matter the time we take, and bad drives are more afraid of you than you are of them.
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Movie Career

I put this in here because people yell at me if someone else tells them. My uncle makes sound for movies, so one day he heard baby Ewan laugh and thought, "What a star." A few tickles, and money I've never seen, later and Ewan is in the credits of Ice Age.
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How You Can Reach Me

Every week day from 11:13-1:08 I'm located at room B105. My name is Ewan Frick, if you say it I will answer.