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A monitor is the screen that is connected to the processing components of a computer, it is one of the main methods of outputting data for a modern day computer (the other being sound from a speaker or headphones)

Cathode ray tube

Cathode ray tube (CRT) was the first form of visual display on a computer the screen was attached to the rest of the computer from the back so the computer could not fold-up to become smaller. The image flickered, was monochrome and was in poor resolution. Some people today use it because it is cheaper despite the fact the technology is thirty years old

Liquid crystal display

More modern computers use Liquid crystal display (LCD) because they can be used in laptops, they use less more and they are lighter, these factors justify the higher price. The first LCD on the market appeared in the mid 1990s and sold for very high prices. Apple soon saw the opportunities in this new technology and developed the Apple Studio Display and the Apple Cinema Display in 1998 and 1999.