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Come meet Herb Cepeda…. Number one income earner in the WORLD with Isagenix!

Herb Cepeda is coming to Augusta to share his passion for health and wellness through Isagenix nutritional cleansing.

Since joining Isagenix, he and his wife Patty have catapulted to the #1 income earner position in the world, earning over $6 million in 6 years. Come hear him share how he is helping others transform their health and wealth. Herb is a humble servant committed to revitalizing lives one person at a time.

You will not want to miss the opportunity to meet him and hear him speak from his experience and expertise. Im proud to have Herb as a friend. You will be too.

The 6 Million Dollar Man brings his passion for health to us!

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 7pm

Augusta, GA, United States

Augusta, GA

How is Isagenix different?

Isagenix is food for life--not a diet, but a lifestyle. If you want to feel better, think clearer, be happier, look healthier, live longer- you must make the commitment to take better care of your health in 2014. Isagenix is about eating foods that LOVE you BACK and transform your body from the inside out. Isagenix gives you tools in your toolbox to help you eat healthier and make better choices while feeling satisfied and saving you money on your grocery bills. Because its proprietary products produce life-changing results, Isagenix makes it easy for you to share it with others and provides a way for you to get your products for free. Even better, there is a global business opportunity attached! Herb is one of over 100 millionaires in our company. Are you looking for change?