The Jungle Book

Mrs. Knueven's Classroom Newsletter

Upcoming Events

4/7 NWEA Math (12:00-1:00)

4/8 NWEA Language (12:00-1:00)

4/8 WTW Quizzes

4/11 Book Fair Begins

4/11 NWEA Reading (12:00-1:00)

4/13 Mrs. Knueven out for meeting

4/13 Family Science Night

4/14 Mornings with Mom

4/14 ZWMS Music Department Visit

4/15 Wordly Wise 14 Test

4/15 WTW Quizzes

4/20 ISTEP+ Math (11:15-12:00)

4/21 ISTEP+ Math (11:40-12:40)

4/22 ISTEP+ Math (11:40-12:40)

4/25 ISTEP+ E/LA (11:15-12:10)

4/26 ISTEP+ E/LA (11:40-12:40)

4/27 ISTEP+ E/LA (11:40-12:40)

4/28 ISTEP+ Science (11:15-12:10)

4/29 ISTEP+ Science (11:15-12:00)

4/29 Father/Daughter Dance

4/29 Final Scholastic Book Order placed

5/3 ISTEP+ (9:15-10:15)

5/4 Unit 9 Math Test

5/5 Wordly Wise 15 Test

5/6 Indiana State Museum Field Trip

5/6 WTW Quizzes

5/10 Unit 6, Lesson 1-3 Indiana History Test

5/11 Famous Hoosiers Dress Rehearsal

5/12 Famous Hoosiers Wax Museum (2:00)

5/13 WTW Quizzes

5/19 Unit 6, Lesson 4-6 Indiana History Test

5/20 Wordly Wise Lesson 16 Test

5/20 WTW Quizzes

5/20 Once Upon a Cure (afternoon)

5/23 Unit 10 Math Test

5/26 4th Grade Graduation (morning)

5/26 4th Grade Final Run Through Hallways (afternoon)

Have a wonderful summer!

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts

Grammar: We will be working on prepositional phrases this week.

Wordly Wise: 14 A&B will be due Friday. Unit 14 test will be next Friday, 4/15.

WTW: Quiz Friday

Writing: I have been conferencing with each student to discuss his/her chapter 1. After final edits are made, students will work to change their writing from 3rd person to 1st person. The version in 1st person will be their speech that will need to be memorized by the dress rehearsal on May 11. My goal is to have these done and sent home by the end of next week.


April is National Poetry Month! We will be spending time over the next few weeks studying figurative language and poetry. This week, we will be focusing on similes, metaphors, personification, and alliteration.

Indiana History

Unit 5 covers a large amount of time in our nation's history. We will be studying major events from World War I to current times. Students will be divided into small groups to study specific events during this time period and will present their information to the class.


Class time this week will be spent finishing up their area and perimeter zoo project. We will begin Unit 9 next week, which covers decimals, fractions, and percents.

End of the Year

I can hardly believe we are in the final few weeks of the school year! I've enjoyed spending this year with your kids and will be sad to see them go. I believe I have all of the major events for the rest of the year on the calendar. I will give more details as we get closer to these events, but wanted you to be aware of them so you can arrange for time off of work, if necessary.

Papers to Send Back to School

There are quite a few RSVP and permission papers that have gone home recently, so here is a quick list of due dates:

- Indiana State Museum Permission slip and $5.50 - due 4/22

- Family Science Night - due 4/8 (only if your family is coming)

- Mornings with Mom - due 4/8 with $2 per person (only if your family is coming)

- Father Daughter Dance - due 4/22 (only if you are attending)

Standardized Testing Dates

As you probably noticed, there are are quite a few testing sessions on our calendar for both NWEA and ISTEP+. Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a good breakfast on testing days. Since we will be testing mid-day for most of the sessions, we will take the time to have a snack before testing begins those days. If your child is sick he/she should stay home, but please try to avoid scheduling appointments during testing, if possible.