The Joker


Joker's Origin

The most known origin story for the joker is from The Killing Joke (1988). It begins with this man named Jack who wanted to become a comedian so he quits he jobs at a chemical factory but fails to be a comedian. The worst part of having no job was that he had his pregnant wife (Jeannie). So in able to support his family he decides to help two men rob the chemical factory where he worked. He is later informed that his wife died in a terrible accident and tries to quit the plan but is threaten so he continues with the plan. He is forced to wear a red mask to make it look like he is the leader and then the true leaders are able to escape. During the robbery the two men are killed by security guards and the Jack is encountered by batman and is chased. Which leads to Jack falling into a vat of chemicals while he was trying to escape. This leads to him having white skin, red lips, and green hair seeing what has happened to him he goes insane. This is the birth of The Joker.

“The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. And tonight, you’re gonna break your one rule.”

- The Joker

Appearances of The Joker in movies and comic book

“And I thought my jokes were bad.”

- The Joker

More about The Joker

The joker is known to be crazy, intelligent, unpredictable, and worst of all a psychotic killer. He is the polar opposite of batman. The Joker is a very known and popular villain. He plans to take over Gotham. He is called Mr. J by his sidekick Harley Quinn. And Is Batman's primary antagonist and has killed batman's sidekick Robin.