Life of Giovanni Da Verrazzono

By Ayden And Joshua

His early years

Giovanni Was born near Val De Greve, 30 miles away from Florence, Italy. He began pursuing a mar time job. He was sent by King Frances to explore the east coast of North America. Verrazzano was born around 1485. He was introduced to an exploration at an early age. He first headed to Egypt and Syria. He also came in contact with the french navy.

a grim Death

On march 28th, Verrazzano left France on his finale voyage , Yet again seeking the passage to India. After not having found it Via south American voyage a year before. His crew including his brother sailed along the coast of Florida before before drifting into the Caribbean. Which would be the last mistake the explorers would make. soon they Cannibal natives who killed and ate them as Girolamo and the rest of crew watched unable to help.