Cherub: The Killing

B Gower


Cherub: The Killing is the fourth book in a series about a kid named James who goes on missions for an organization called Cherub. In The Killing, James has to find information about a criminal named Leon and a suspicious incident, a boy who fell off a building, which is suspected to be a murder. Dave, another Cherub agent, starts to work for Leon in hopes of finding out more about him. James and Dave have to steal a car for Leon in order to get paid. Leon starts to trust James and Dave, so Dave is able to copy the files from Leon’s computer through a flash drive and sends it to headquarters. They take the car of the Patel family, the family of Michael Patel, who murdered someone, and replace it with a duplicate car that has problems. Cherub does this to make Michael mad at Leon, who sold him the car. After getting a recording of Leon saying Michael killed the boy, Michael is arrested, and sentenced to life sentence with possible parole after at least 18 years of the penalty.


James Adams

The main character throughout the entire series. James is somewhat of a troublemaker. His mother died from drinking alcohol with medication. He is later admitted into Cherub. James has to find information about a cop who is suspected of murdering a boy named Will Clarke pushing him off the roof of a building.


The second character in The Killing. Not much is told about Dave in any way throughout any of the books, though he is still an important character in the book. Dave has to work for a criminal named Leon to find information about him. Dave also has to put a satellite on the roof of Leon's house to pick up his conversations.