Kayak's Zoo of Petting

We welcome you to our family friendly petting zoo

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Prices(Includes discounts)!

Our Wonderful prices!

Single person-$3.00

Under four-FREE!!

~Family discounts!~

Four people-$7.00

Five people-$8.00

~Senior Discounts~

Over 65-$1.00

Our Awsome Animals!

Rule of the zoo!

1. DO NOT ride the animals( Exept during our llama rides)

2.PLEASE do not eat the animals food

3.PLEASE wash your hands before and after petting the animals

4.DO NOT harm the animals in any way ( biting, kicking,etc.)

Other Activities ( other than petting the animals)!

~Llama rides! (Great for all ages)! Prices are $1.00 for one ride~

~Fishing in our pond! Prices are $1.00 for one hour~

~Cutting the sheeps' fur! Prices Are $1.00 for five minutes of trimming.~

~Feeding the animals! Prices are 75 cents per animal!

At Kayak's Zoo of Petting we value each of our customers

Tuesday, May 17th, 9pm


If you, or your children are hurt contact us

Consession Stand


Water-50 cents


Ice cream- (small-50 cents) (large-$1.00)

Hot dog-$1.00

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