Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

By: Jackson Spires and Gabe Williams

Greek Philosophers

Philosophers in Ancient Greece were a very important part of their culture. Philosophers were important because they came up with ideas, or theories, about pretty much everything and most wrote about their ideas. Some of the topics of the theories were metaphysics, astronomy, physics, politics, poetry, and justice.

Some Ancient Greek Philosophers and Thier Beliefs

Questions and Answers

Q: How was Socrates executed? A: He drank a cup of poison on his own will

Q: Who was the first philosophers ever? A: Thales
Q: Who Was the most important Roman philosopher? A: Varro

Ways Greek Culture is Affiliated With Culture Today

1.) Democracy and Freedom

2.) The Olympic Games

3.) The Greek Alphabet

Above I Have Found a Very Detailed Video on Greek Philosophy

What They Did

These Ancient Greek philosophers came with and wrote theories and questions about life.

They also taught others about thier beliefs.