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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church and School

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Toledo, OH 43614

School Office: Please Contact Vicki or Jarett (see info below)

Parish Office: 419-382-5511


Important Contacts

OLPH School Registration: olph.admissions@gmail.com

OLPH School EdChoice: olph.edchoice@gmail.com

Fr. Joe Steinbauer: jsteinbauer@olphtoledo.net

Kim Williams: kwilliams@olphtoledo.net

Jarett Kuhns: jkuhns@olphtoledo.org (567) 218-3408

Vicki Jagielski: vjagielski@olphtoledo.org (567) 218-3653

Helen Raczkowski: hracz@olphtoledo.net

OLPH Tech Support: Staci Morelli smorelli@olphtoledo.org

Grades 3-5 Google Classroom Support: Kaitlin Szczublewski kszczublewski@olphtoledo.org

Grades 6-8 Google Classroom Support: Staci Morelli smorelli@olphtoledo.org


All Grades Moving to Strictly Electronic Instruction

Considering the health and safety of all our students and families and employees, we can no longer facilitate paper-based instruction during closure due to COVID-19. We are continuing to do all we can to help Ohio “flatten the curve,” and paper-based work requires us to gather for preparation, distribution, and collection. Paper instruction refers to paper packets, workbook pages, etc.

Regarding the paper packets, workbook pages, etc. your children have already completed, please keep them in a safe place and we will get them at another time. At each individual teacher’s discretion, your child’s teacher may email parents and give you the option to email them pictures of work or scanned documents. Please follow the direction of your child’s teacher for that decision.

Moving forward, teachers in grades 3-8 will provide ongoing instruction electronically through google classroom. Specials instruction will still be implemented through google classroom beginning on April 6th. Teachers in PK-2 are going to provide suggested work and activities that can be completed online from home without paper packets from April 6-8. Upon return from Easter Break (Tuesday, April 14, 2020), education and instruction at all levels will be facilitated electronically. Lower elementary (PK-2) families, for whom this will be new, please stay tuned to your email for further information from both the school and your child’s teacher.

I know that some PK-2 families may still have device or internet concerns. We are working on those.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process, and we will continue to provide your family with a Catholic Education at home. As the condition of the pandemic changes rapidly and official information is communicated daily, we will continue, just as we have been doing, to re-evaluate procedures in compliance with state and local government officials, the Diocese of Toledo, and our OLPH Priorities related to COVID-19 closure.

Thanks for all you do!

Social Distancing Guidelines Extended Through April 30 and School Closed Through May 1

At yesterday’s press conference, President Donald Trump extended the Nation’s social distancing guidelines through April 30, 2020. Today, Governor DeWine extended school closure through Friday, May 1, 2020. We will continue the online learning plan through this date.

Spring Break

Today, March 30, 2020, kicks-off spring break week for the school. Spring break will continue through Sunday, April 5, 2020. Although we don’t expect students to do school work over break if they have kept up, we do expect students to have work finished by the April 6th deadline.

Easter Break

As Christians and Catholics, we preserve the Sanctity of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior. It is very important that we recognize Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday as Holy Days to be celebrated in accord with the Church. We hope you’ll enjoy time with your immediate families and celebrate these days with Good Spirit. We will not be assigning student work for or asking our faculty and staff to work from April 9-13. Please enjoy this break.

PK-2 and Other Paper Packets

We know some families received their paper packets shortly after they were mailed, and others had to wait a long time. We are sincerely sorry for that. When we made the decision to mail, that was the most practical choice for our community at that time. By now, everyone should have gotten a packet in the mail. If you are someone who didn’t, we took extra measures last week, recompiled packets for those who indicated they had not gotten one and were unable to print from the online resource, and hand delivered them to your house. Moving forward, we are working to establish a more convenient way for pk-2 students to get work. Thank you for your ongoing patience as we work out many details and logistics to best serve our families during this time. We appreciate you and all you are doing to support your child’s learning during this time. Thank you!

Flexibility in Deadlines

Faculty have been asked to exercise flexibility in deadlines and expectations during this time, however, final decisions regarding late work are at the discretion of each individual faculty member.

Grading Procedures

Work completed by students from March 16, 2020 through April 5, 2020 will be graded as follows:

· Any work that was new material will be graded on completion

· Any work that was review material will be graded on accuracy/correct answers

· Any assignment that was accompanied by a rubric will be graded on accuracy/correct answers

· Teachers will have grades entered into School Speak for these assignments by Monday, April 20, 2020.

Student Attendance

We have been advised by the diocese that attendance is being tracked via submission of student work. If students submit two weeks’ worth of work, then they get two weeks’ worth of attendance. If students submit one week worth of work, then they get one week worth of attendance. Attendance is crucial as this time, as far as we know, is being counted as instructional time by the state. If your child is not in attendance, they may be at risk of retention, failure, negatively impacted learning, reports to authorities, or losing stat scholarships.

Faculty Staff Virtual Office Hours

Our administrators, faculty, and staff have been and will continue to respond to emails and other forms of communication as they come in, however, we have established a set of virtual office hours. During these times, faculty and staff are likely to provide a very quick response. Outside of these times is at faculty staff discretion. To see the hours, download the document below. These office hours do not reflect personal or sick time taken by OLPH employees and are not effective during scheduled school break periods, e.g., Spring break, Easter break, etc. Specials teacher office hours are coming soon!

Specials Instruction

We will be adding Spanish, computers, phys.-ed, art, and music instruction to student assignments, effective April 6, 2020.

Visitor Policy

The school and parish are currently not accepting visitors or guests at this time. There are no on-site office hours for parish or school and employees report only for absolute necessities.

Coming Soon:

- Pickup/Dropoff Plan for Paper Based Assignments and Packets

- More Details About Home-Learning Plan Moving Forward

- Calendar Items Update

- Parish Bulletins


Parish & School Priorities During National Emergency Related to Coronavirus Pandemic

1) Health Safety: The spiritual, physical, and mental health and safety of faculty and staff, students, families, and parishioners is the number one priority at all times.

2) Continuity of Learning: Students are enrolled in our school partly for academic excellence. We, within reason and in light of the current state-of-emergency, will continue learning by providing students with opportunities that are reasonable and achievable from home.

3) Fiscal Responsibility: We are called to exercise school finance practices, limit necessary spending to only the absolute needs, and refrain any non-priority spending.

4) Resources and Support: We will provide resources and support for our faculty, staff, and families as needs arise and within reasonable expectation of our ability.

5) Teamwork: Teamwork makes the dream work. OLPH Faculty and Staff will bond together, united in faith to get the job done…whatever it takes.

Parish & School Visitor Policy

The school and parish are currently not accepting visitors or guests at this time. There are no on-site office hours for parish or school and employees report only for absolute necessities.


Why Outbreaks like the Cornavirus Spread Exponentially, and How to "Flatten the Curve" by Harry Stevens, The Washington Post



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