Native American Research

The Chumash By Aidan Brown

What is the name of our tribe and where did they settle?

The name of my tribe is the Chumash. The Chumash settled in Southern California.

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Why did they settle in their location of North America?

The rulers of southern California offered them a good life.
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Describe your tribe's culture. What were they known for? What were their beliefs?

They were known for making money from clamb shells. They believed that the world was divided into 3 parts. The outer layer is home to the spirits. The middle was home to them, and the bottom was home to evil spirits. All Chumash had pierced ears. Some even had pierced noses.

What natural resources did they use? How did they use use these natural resources?

They used grass to cover their houses. They also used sticks and stone to carve and weave bowls. One more thing is they used animal skins to make jewelry.
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2013 CHUMASH MALIBU PW Grand Entry