Lorenzo Ghiberti

By: Ramou Taal

About his life...

Birth: Pelago, Italy (Province of Florence), in 1378

Ghiberti, one of the most important artist and sculptors of the Renaissance, spent most of his life in Florence, Italy. As a young child, he learned a lot about sculpting from his father, Bartoluccio who was a respected goldsmith. Although his first training he received was in painting, he later became famous for his sculptures. He had many patrons including his mother's first husband (towards the beginning of his career) and part of the Florentine Baptistery, the Arte di Calimala. Ghiberti was credited with the emergence of Renaissance art and architecture.

Famous Works

-The Ark of St. Zenobius

-"Gates of Paradise"

-Stain-glass windows of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore: "Light of Sanctity"

After most of his training, he was asked to build (weld) a detailed case called the "Arca di san Zanobi". In the "Gates of Paradise" some of the scenes were portrayed from the life of John the Baptist. It also enhanced his style of illusion and depth (Illusionism). In his newer ideas he portrayed more spatial and figural features. Ghiberti was asked to create a life-sized bronze statue of the patron saint, "John the Baptist", outside of the guild's communal buiding. Ghiberti influenced many architectures to create new classical ideas.

The Bronze Doors

Beginning of construction: 1401 (took 21 years)

This piece of art/architecture can be found in the Florentine Baptistery (Florence, Italy). In this piece of his work, he was commissioned by Arte di Calimala Ghibert. In the competition, in which Ghiberti won, he built a new pair Bronze Doors, he incorporated his gothic yet graceful style of art. The first set of doors was made by Andrea Pisano in the 14th century. He was influenced by the first set and put his own "twist" on it. The doors were originally supposed to include scenes from the Old Testament, but instead contained the New Testament. This art is very interesting because even a piece of architecture can contain art that depicts a scene of history. His piece of Renaissance work is classified as Classicism because he used Pisano's work from the past and added his own ideas to it. Ghiberti is one of the most important Florentine sculptors and forever influenced "Renaissance Art".

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