Happy Computer Repair

And Network Solutions

Affordable repairs that fit your budget. No diagnostic fee ,just a solution to the problem your P.C. is having

Most computer problems are related to software issues that are due to corrupted or infected files. Repair times vary,but in most cases Happy can have your computer running @ full speed within a few hours. Don't be over charged or misguided again when it comes to problems your P.C. may be having. Happy also provides each customer with a detailed description of the repairs performed and how to avoid these issues in the future. Being Happy ,honest & reliable are constant standards with every repair.

Other services Happy Computer offers

We build Personal & Commercial Websites & Blogs @ very affordable prices

Advanced advertising and marketing solutions that get each customer the most out of their Websites and Blogs. For commercial users - if you have a site now and don't feel that it is benefiting your sales then get a fresh start with a Happy designed and marketed website. You will see a marked improvement with our approach. Call for a free consultation appointment to lets us show you how we can improve your sales.

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