Wesley's Newsletter

By: Wesley Geng

Interview of Franny Chapman

Franny Chapman is an eleven year old girl in fifth grade. She is in a difficult time in the Cold War where everyone is living in fear. I'm interviewing her to see how she is coping with the war.

How would you summarize Uncle Otts' behavior? Franny describes how Uncle Otts is paranoid. Everything he does shows that he is paranoid. How would you prioritize your actions if an air raid siren went off? She says that she would first get the whole family together. Then she would find a place for everyone to duck and cover. She wants to make sure that everyone is safe. What do you think about this war? Franny describes how this war is unnecessary. Nothing would be achieved out of this war. How are Jo Ellen's actions related to your suspicions? Franny says Jo Ellen is acting very secretive. She isn't sharing any information. What judgements could be made about Margie? Franny says Margie is a little selfish and thinks only about herself. Franny says Margie used to be very nice to her but Margie has changed. What judgements could be made about yourself? Franny describes herself as a quiet and unnoticed person. She says not many people talk to her. What does she predict would happen if an air raid siren went off? She predicts that people would be in panic, but educated people like her would duck and cover. What does she predict Jo Ellen is doing when she is away from home? Franny predicts Jo Ellen is trying to escape from the madness going on at home. Franny wishes she could do the same thing. What evidence supports the fact that Uncle Otts is crazy? Franny says he has been to war so he knows the intensity of it. He becomes very paranoid and he wants to build a bomb shelter. Why was sneaking into Jo Ellen's room and risk getting into trouble better than forgetting about the situation? She says she was getting very curious. She wanted to figure out what was going on.

Franny hopes that this war will end soon. She wants to make it out of this war alive and live to a ripe old age like Uncle Otts said.

Countdown Book Review

Countdown by Deborah Wiles is a historical fiction novel that takes place in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Franny Chapman is 11 years old and lives in a world where everyone is waiting for the bomb to drop. This is a book for those people who like historical fiction. I think this book is slow and boring. I would not recommend people to read this book. This book has not won any awards.

Deborah Wiles has also written Love, Ruby Lavender; The Aurora County All-Stars; and Each Little Bird that Sings. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has taught many writing workshops.

How to Grow Tomatoes

Many people want to be able to look at their garden and be proud of it. One popular plant is the tomato plant, but it can be hard to grow. To grow tomatoes, you will need fertilizer and compost, a wooden or metal stake, a tomato plant, a shovel, and water.

First, you will need to choose a bright spot. They need to get at least 10 hours of sunlight each day. Once you have chosen a spot, you need to dig a hole twice the diameter and depth of the tomato plant. After that, put a handful of fertilizer into the hole. Then bury the tomato plant all the way down to its first leaves. Then, you will need to drive a stake into the ground and tie the stem of the plant onto the stake with plastic ties. Once the plant starts to grow, remove extra side branches by pinching or cutting them. When the tomatoes are ripe and you need to harvest them, you can either cut the branches off or twist the tomatoes so that they will fall off.

Growing tomatoes are sometimes difficult, but they can be used in many ways. They can be used in sandwiches or salads.

Book Review of Locomotion

Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson is a novel filled with poems written by a boy named Lonnie. He has lost his mother and father to a fire, but he still has his sister. He misses her and they don't live together, but he visits her from time to time. Lonnie is constantly looking for God because he believes God will be able to get him and his sister together again. I think this book is very descriptive, and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes poetry. I would give this book a 4 star rating. This book is a National Book Award Finalist.

Jaqueline Woodson is the author of many young adult books. She currently lives in Brooklyn. She has also written Last Summer With Maizon, Miracle Boy's, and From the Notebooks Of Melanin Sun.

Easter Egg Event

Sunday, April 5th, 8am-3pm

The Local Church

Come to the Easter event at the local church. There will be games and food. There will also be an egg hunt, too. We will be starting at 8:00 A.M. and ending at 3:00 P.M. All you need to bring is a basket.