eBooks are here!

Try out Brainhive!

Brainhive - How does it work?

Brainhive let's you checkout eBooks and read them on your computer or an iPad (app is free). There is a variety of titles, including both fiction and nonfiction. Instead of paying for each book, Brainhive gives you access to thousands of titles (including a PreK-2 ELA Common Core collection) and charges $1 per checkout. The book is checked out to you for a week and then is automatically checked back in.

You can read these on a computer or iPad and project them onto your smartboard.

What else should I know?

eBooks are excellent digital resources!

eBooks have many digital features! They can help students become familiar with using digital tools, such as zooming in/out, adding digital notes, adding digital bookmarks, selecting text, switching between single/dual page views, and even citing.

Students will be able to use the table of contents, move from page to page or jump to a page, and use the full screen tool.

How do I get there?

Use this link: http://www.mybrainhive.com/signin.html

You will type in your school name and town. Then select your school.

All teachers will use their first initial and last name (ex. jlussier) for their username. I will email you your password.

If you download the free app, you will need to know your school code.

Brewster: 3981710369

Korn: 440484940

Give it a try!

Take a look! Try it with your class! We have $50 to try it out! Let me know how it goes!