Room 322 News

A weekly review

January 27-29, 2016

Another unexpected short week--hope you all enjoyed the snow days!

Math: Math this week has focused on where we see measurement in our lives. We read the book Measuring Penny and have thought of solutions to the problem: How can we measure something without a ruler...and why do we have rulers? by using non-standard units of measurement. Students have really enjoyed learning how to measure things using Unifix cubes, paperclips, pencils and other materials. The skills developed here will help us easily transition into using rulers and standard forms of measurement which we introduced Friday and will continue into the week. It's been fun already seeing how captivated they are by using this knowledge to measure things (They have enjoyed measuring classroom items, their classmate's height and were amazed when they figured out how much snow my parent's got in Pennsylvania--32 inches!).

  • Measuring Penny homework due Wednesday--more details below and on sheet in folders.

Word Work: After meeting with small groups, I have decided to extend our WTW test until Monday. I think some extra practice today was needed to really build up confidence and it will help more students be successful when they take their spelling check.

Writing: We have officially finished up our resolution projects and have about another week or two to get in another informative writing project--more to come on that soon. Our next writing unit will be "Writing about Reading"

Reading: Reading 3D testing is officially over! (WOOHOO!) We now just need to finish our iReady testing then it's back to a completely normal schedule (hopefully!) Next week will begin our new reading unit on shoring up reading skills.

ENCORE Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Media/Guidance

Friday: Art

Celebrating Achievements!

Congratulations to:

  • 1000s Club--Lola, Ahzhai, Hali, Justin, Tatiana, Sophie, Daylin, Ella, Peyton
  • Odell Character Trait for Respect-Peyton and Carlos

Way to go!

Report Cards

Report cards were sent home Thursday and I gathered up the ENCORE scores which were sent home on Friday. Please return the envelopes to me, signed, when you get a chance so that I'll be able to send home all the information properly for the next quarter.

Remember, these report cards are graded primarily as a growth model--so it is still fine to be seeing 2s at this time. The goal is a 3 by the end of the year (that represents meeting all the requirements for that section) with a 4 being above and beyond. I have attached the ELA and Math Scoring Scales to the email with this newsletter if you are interested in seeing how 1/2/3/4 grades are broken down.

Also included in your envelope was attendance, DE scores (this is the second time they've taken the math one and the first time they've taken the reading one), and M-Class scores. I have been working with our AP and attending lots of PDs on reader's workshop so I look forward to implementing the strategies and techniques I'm learning into instruction to take everyone to the next level. I was pleased at the overall growth in the class--they've been working hard and they will keep improving by the end of the year!

**If your child didn't have a 2nd quarter reading TRC level on their report card due to them not being finished testing, I will be sending an email out with it to you shortly!**


You may notice some additional homework in your child's folder tonight--

  • Measuring Penny Assignment: due Wednesday (2/3/2016)
  • Unfinished Work (depends on student): due Monday. With testing, we've been doing a lot of different projects and it's time to wrap them up so we can move on to our next units! I think students who were more behind on projects would benefit from some extra time on the assignment at home so it can be finished for Monday. They know expectations for these assignments but don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.