Concerns on Education

by Alex Orozco

How School and State Based Accountability Affected me?

When schools in my time period wanted to test us they would give out state exams. Exams were necessary in order to prove we were ready to move on to the next grade. Standardized testing was not always an effective way of determining my education. I actually learned more in my day to day classes than taking those tests. When I interacted with my fellow classmates, I managed to prove my knowledge more effectively. Also, when the teacher would engage with us in conversation I would learn more about my teacher. Students tend to learn more from a teacher that actually cares about them than state testing. Personally, I feel that state testing should not be a direct form of proving a student's knowledge. The relationship between a teacher and a student will always be more special than any state test. In school there were no issues of race. I received many opportunities to succeed and I was not treated unfairly in my school.

Individual Contextual Factors

In school there were many classmates that dropped out during high school. I actually had a few friends that did not go back to school. When students decide to drop out it is because of conflicts going on in their lives. Many of my friends decided to leave due to drugs or trying to get thrills by skipping class. Most of them would decide that school was not their option anymore and would go on their path. Some people decide that school may no longer be for them and decide it is their best choice. What I saw when I was in school is some teachers would just give up on their students and they''ll throw them out of their classrooms. Others would ask specifically that a certain student should not be in their class. This creates discouragement and it makes the student not want to go to school anymore. Also, many of my classmates would get suspended after inappropriate behavior. This harsh punishment was necessary, but telling a student to stay at home and not learn is unreasonable. My school had an alternative which was called In School Suspension. This made the students do their classwork and their homework in a secluded classroom. Nevertheless, students who usually drop out of school tend to get their GED and become successful. There are many emotions when you are in high school and it provokes unnecessary decisions. But, it is those decisions that will impact your immediate future.

Schools That I Went To That Influenced My Life

Chavez High School

Chavez High School is where I was shaped into the student I am today. This school influenced me to succeed and pursue a college education. This is where I learned all the knowledge of accountability and what works in high school. Chavez helped me realize that I wanted to be a teacher and help students succeed in their future.

Houston Community College

Many of my classmates chose to go to a community college as I did. Furthering your education should be a great choice because you'll never know how far it will take you. Actually, I achieved my Associate of Arts at this College with only 2.5 years. Even though with my school I saw a lot of my classmates heading in a different route than I did. I focused on my studies and obtained a degree in the process. My goal was to obtain my degree and transfer to a major University.

University of Houston

Transferring to The University of Houston has been my biggest achievement thus far. Everything from high school and community college helped me get to this school. No matter the obstacles I persevered and I manage my priorities over all. Dropping out was never an option and going to school was. Gaining a higher education and getting my bachelor's degree in history and education was my main goal. I did not want to end up like some of my classmates. Everything from standardized testing to all my surroundings going on in high school. I stayed clear minded and focused on my education.