RMS Media Center Report - Jan. '16

Check out what went on the the Media Center in January!

Media Center Stats

Student walk-in traffic - 1890

This counts students who visit the media center independently. For the 16 days students were in the building in January, that's over 118/day!

Students are welcome to visit the library before and after school, as well as throughout the day with a signed pass.

Materials Circulation - 2,323 items

For the 16 days students were in the building in Janurary, we averaged over 145 books/day! This includes 43 circulations from Overdrive, our district-wide e-book and audio book library.

Classes - 8

We hosted some classes using the computers this month.

Ms. Teeple's classes visited to check out books, and again to do the library's murder mystery game.

Ms. Brock and Ms. Kellett's classes did their Friday Friends crafts.

Many students took or made up Benchmark Testing over the first few weeks.

Other Activities in the Media Center

Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars - The Reading All-Stars program will start in February, and we were excited to get a visit from the Greenville Drive Mascot, Reedy Rip-it, to help them do a short promo video! Mrs. Jenkins has also been planning some fun competition with the ELA teachers to generate more participation.

Murder in the Library (Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt) - We wanted to highlight our mystery genre, and what better way to do that, than to host a murder mystery?! Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Ingle designed a two-part scavenger hunt that involved students using Destiny to look up books, which would lead them to the clues they needed to solve a logic puzzle. It was a lot of fun, and it was a great way to practice finding books in the library!

Maker Events - This month we hosted a knitting workshop with Mrs. Parker, and 8 students attended. We will be working on making hats for preemie babies, so this will be an informal, ongoing project! We were so busy knitting that we forgot to take pictures!!

SIC Meeting and Coffee with the Counselors - We hosted the monthly SIC meeting, and the Guidance department held it's Coffee with the Counselors meeting in the media center as well. We provided a cart of Chromebooks so parents could access information and have a chance to check out the technology available to their students!

Reedy Rip-it Comes to RMS!

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Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

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Knitting Maker Event

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