Why Learn Touch Typing?

Efficiency and Productivity

When you have a higher WPM (words per minute,) you are able to get more things done quickly. This efficiency is important in a workplace because it will set you apart from your coworkers. In addition to being more efficient, touch typing will improve your productivity as a whole because you will have more time to get other tasks completed.


You can become fatigued with poor keyboarding skills and techniques. The posture, speed, and efficiency of your typing can determine your fatigue. Being fatigued leads to a lack of motivation and productivity; we have all been there. Not knowing how to touch type can not only slow you down, it can make you counter productive.

Job Prospects

As your efficiency will set you apart in the workplace, touch typing is a skill many workplaces value and require for your employment. Being able to type is an important skill to have, and it will allow you to have many job prospects.

Editing and Typos

Editing will be faster with touch typing, as you are watching the screen as you type. When you look at the screen instead of the keyboard, you are able to immediately catch and fix mistakes. Learning touch typing can help you avoid an embarrassing typo in an important document or assignment.


Bad typing habits and techniques can lead to serious health complications. Carpal tunnel and RSI (repetitive stress injury) can really put a damper on your life and productivity. In addition to the effect it could have on your career, carpal tunnel and RSI can be downright painful. Carpal tunnel can take months to resolve, so learning how to touch type will prevent a relatively long recovery.

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Tips for Touch Typing

  • Have good posture.
  • Expose your shoulder, arm, and wrist muscles to the least amount of strain.
  • Type slow when first learning.
  • Try not to look at the keyboard when you are typing.
  • Take a break if you feel overwhelmed, you'll do better when focused.

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