Prep 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 5th December 2014

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Shepherd Little.....

What a wonderful way to end our school year and a great way to start our Christmas celebrations. It was such a delight to see the confidence and enthusiasm of the children during their performances of 'Little Shepherd' this week.There were a lot of extremely proud mums, dads and teachers at the end of each performance. A very big thank you to Mrs Main for her dedication, patience and commitment over the last couple of months getting the children ready. This production would also not be possible without the many mums that helped prepare the costumes, a big thank you to you also! We will honour our wonderful January Class Reps at our final EPSG on Tuesday 9th December at 8.30am.

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Christmas, Colour and Patterns

The classrooms continue to be filled with beautiful Christmas decorations that the children have been making. This week they have been creating their own patterns on Candy Canes and continuing to make patterned Christmas chains.

Moving Up.....

It is hard to believe the year has gone so quickly and the children only have one week left in Prep 1. Our IPC unit 'Changes' has provided many opportunities to talk with the children about the upcoming change of moving to Prep 2 and the feelings they may be experiencing.

The Prep 1 teachers would like to thank the parents for their support during the year. The many dress up days where you have used your creativity, the support during field trips and those nightly readers, tricky words and sounds where you have all been so patient! We have all had a wonderful year with the children and know that they are well prepared and ready for their adventures into Prep 2.

Have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and we will look forward to seeing you back at school in early January. Invites for PTCs with your new teachers will arrive via email over the break.

What's On Next Week

Virtue: Generosity

Phonic Focus: /er/ar/

Tricky Word: /give/

Dates for your Diary

Thursday, December 11th - Crib Service 6pm

Friday, December 12th - School year ends! Preps dismissal at 11:20am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year