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This Week

Monday- PTA Executive Board Meeting 6:30


Wednesday- Wizard Of Oz Performance 6:30

Thursday- Team Lead Meeting

Friday- District Geography Bee

Lakewood Goals

District Focus for Lakewood:

· Early Literacy: Kinder TRC, 1st DIBELS, 2nd DIBELS

· 3rd Grade Math (Masters)

· 4th Grade ELA and Math (Masters)

· 5th Grade All Subjects (Masters)

· Meets level for Special Education Students

· Meets level for Asian Students

Our Goals:

100% Implementation of Continuous Improvement

100% Implementation of CHAMPS

97% Attendance

Reading 3D- 90% of students will make OR surpass their EOY grade level target

Kindergarten- Level E

First Grade- J

Second Grade-N

Goals in Approaches/Meets/ Masters

3rd Grade Reading- 86/60/40

3rd Grade Math- 85/50/30

4th Grade Reading- 85/55/30

4th Grade Writing- 75/45/25

4th Grade Math- 85/55/30

5th Grade Reading- 90/60/35

5th Grade Math- 95/70/35

5th Grade Science- 90/59/39

6th Grade Reading-88/50/35

6th Grade Math- 90/60/40


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February Birthdays

Johanna Jenkins- 2.2

Belinda Ference-2.4

Greg Williams- 2.12

Patricia Garcia- 2.13

Darcel Kayfus- 2.17

Celebrations AND SHOUT-OUTS!

Thank you to Mrs. Ramirez and the Fifth grade students who read and shared great books with our class. Please come again. It was awesome!

-Margaret Miller

Shout out to Amy Morgan for suggesting and planning for fifth graders to read aloud to first and second graders.

Shout out to Delta for leading the math goal team. Shout out to Katie, Missy, Donna, Aleksandra, Delta, Jennifer, MacKenzie, and Katie for great conversation and dialogue about math strategies for our students.

-Emily Pryor

-Please give shouts out to all the 1st grade team for being flexible with interruptions in their classrooms during Reading 3D testing. (I'm sure second and kinder were wonderful too, but I didn't work with them.)

-Shout out to Beth Williams for helping out with Reading 3D testing, so that we could meet our deadline!

-Shout out to Mason for helping with so many technical difficulties during testing.

-Shout to Beth Gilley for taking point during testing and making sure that we all had what we needed. You're a rock. And a rockstarrrrrr.

-Please also give Lindy some love for putting together that awesome spread from CNS on Friday. What a great luncheon!

-Vy Nguyen

Congrats to Jade, she passed her PPR!

Thank you Mackenzie & Sue for all you do for our IR students! I appreciate y'all ❤️

Thank you, Patricia & Amy for getting ARD info back so quickly!

Thank you, 6th grade teachers for getting ARD info back so quickly!

Thank you Ms Reynolds & Ms Jones for advocating for your students!

Thank you Ms Flores & Ms Richardson for your help with accommodations/testing questions!

Thank you to all teachers, whose rooms I am in daily, for letting me be there!

Yea to all PACES staff for a great first 1/2 of the school year!

-Sonya Moreno

A huge shout out and Thank You to everyone who came out to help with the Bluebonnet Breakfast! My last one may not have been the largest, but you all helped to make it memorable. I am so appreciative of having such a supportive and helpful team!

-Debe Rogers

-Shout out to Jennifer Landers for nominating 10 kids as outstanding 6th graders!

-Shout out to Beth for organizing and reaching out to community members for Read Aloud Day!

-Shout out to Amanda Maclaurin for all of her work with the Wizard of OZ!

-Shout out to Sarah Moore for a great CI observation! WE know you deserve district TOY!

-Shout out to Angela Barraclough for another Whiz QUIZ WIN!

-Shout out to Debe Rogers for an AWESOME Bluebonnet breakfast!

-Shout out to Katie Adams for an excellent PDSA cycle with a student!

-Shout out to Katie Winn for having her students write like authors!

-Shout out to the ELA team. Overall, Ladonna said that as a school we have made a lot of growth this year!

-Shout out o Beth Gilley, Beth Williams, Vy Ngugen, Melissa Vinyard and Leigh Haley who have been doing such a great job of Reading 3D!

Cameron Ramirez

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Goals

Hurst- Euless- Bedford ISD Goals

☐ Goal 1: Student Achievement

☐ Goal 2: Effective and Efficient Operations for all Components

☐ Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

☐ Goal 4: Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

☐ Goal 5: Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders

Tips for Reading across contents

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