Night of the Twisters

Created By Brendan Eyberg. Book by Ivy Ruckman

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Character list

Dan Hatch

Arthur Darlington

Linda Hatch

John Hatch

Stacy Darlington

Ronnie Vae Darlington

Aunt Goldie

Belle Smiley


Grandpa Hatch

Grandma Hatch

Problem and Solution

1.7 tornadoes hit Nebraska and they have to take shelter and move.

2.The Hatch family gets split up so they finally find each other when Dad and Mom are driving and find Dan.


Arthur comes over for dinner at Dan's house and goes on a walk and see Mrs.Smileys new storm door and talk to Mrs.Smiley and go back to Dan's.Mom leaves for Aunt Goldie's house. Then the first tornado hits and the T.v. flashes CD, CD, CD and Dan finds out it means Civil Defense Emergency. Then they go in the basements restroom under a blanket and glass fly's everywhere so they get in the shower. Then the water in the shower starts to rise. Then they save Mrs.Smiley and they take her to the bus that leads to K-MART. Then officer Kelly comes and takes them to Police Headquarters to stay for a short amount of time. When they leave Dan finds Mom and Dad in the truck.


The setting is Grand Island Nebraska witch is bordered by Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. the state bird is a Western Meadowlark. The state capitol is Lincoln. some agriculture products are Cattle,Calves, Corn, Grains, Soy Beans, Hogs, and wheat.