The seasons in a year

By: Nicholas H


Spring is the very first season of the year or it can be winter because people think different. Spring is the season when baby animals come to life. Some spring's it snows more than winter. Spring is hotter than winter and colder than summer. There are wet seasons and dry seasons and spring is a wet season. it is a wet season because it rains a lot. When plants die in winter they grow back in spring. There are more thunderstorms then there are in any season.


Summer is the hottest season in a year. Have you ever wondered why it is

always so hot in summer? It is always hot because how the Earth tilts on its axis, when your part of Earth is directly facing the sun it is summer. Summer has longer days then any other season because it is sunny all day. Many animals learn what to do to live in summer.


Fall is the last full season in a year. When the leaves change color it means the leaves are

dying. And have you've ever wondered why the leaves fall in fall? They fall off of trees because they are dying. Fall is kind of a dry/wet season. Fall is colder than summer and hotter than winter.


Winter is the coldest season in the year. It usually snows in winter a lot. Have you ever wondered why it is so cold in winter? It is so cold because it is because when it tilts on axis in drectly it will be cold, because you will not be mutch sun.