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Columbian Elementary School -

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Welcome Back

I wanted to welcome everyone to Columbian for what is sure to be an incredible school year. I am so excited about all the great things at are going to happen this school year.

Class Meetings

This year we have time built into our schedule for Class Meetings. This is going to be a very impactful time with you and your students. Great relationship will be formed and better understanding of what you expect from them will be discussed. Mrs. Wilkerson will be around to participate and support this class time.

Motor Lab

We were featured in another magazine over the summer for the work we are doing with students in our Motor Lab. Other school districts are wanting more information and starting their own. I am very excited to announce our e x p a n s i o n. We are adding another lab in the storm shelter to be used by classes on that side of the building. This might be more convenient for some classroom. This will also help with scheduling and allow for more time slots for classes.

Monday, June 20

Assembly at 1:30