Survival Guide

For The Mojave Desert

Location,climate,and geography

My plane crashed at the Mojave Desert.The climate was oscillated and the geography is it's west of California city. The temperate range was high and low. The climate was also temperate.

Steps for survival

These are just four steps you will need in order to need'll need need to try not to get bit by need to drink lots of water.

Animal life

Here are some animals that live in this location.There is a snake,tortoise,and a cougar.if I had to choose one that is helpful to me would be a cougar.It could be helpful to me,and it would be a likely food source to me.A cougar can be harmful to me,and it can be dangerous.

Plant life

Here is some plant life in my flowering barrel cactus.#2.creosote bush.#3.yucca schidigera.I would pick the orange flowering barrel cactus.It can help me cause I can take the spikes for somthing like a knife.It's probably not a food source for me.It is not edible.It could stab me with the spikes.It is poisonous