Olweus and SWPBS

The Perfect Union

What's It Going To Look Like?

We'll be teaching the students how to behave appropriately (SWPBS) and we'll be teaching how to prevent and address bullying (Olweus).

Where can I get the Olweus plans?

The link below will take you to all of the lesson plans and resources you'll need for Olweus. The access key is: northcoventry

Where can I get the SWPBS plans?

All of the plans are in the same livebinder.

You can also go to the North Coventry share and click on the SWPBS folder. All of the plans are there and ready for you to use.

When should I plan on teaching the lessons?

The SWPBS lessons should be taught during the first two weeks of school. "Booster" or reminder lessons may need to be re-taught, especially after breaks.

The Olweus plans will be taught throughout the entire year.

Lessons that teach rules 1-4 should be taught by Friday, October 10th. An assembly will take place the following week.

Where is the Bullying Incident Reporting Form?

The form is located on the NC share in the ncforms folder. Forms will also be emailed out so that you can save it to your desktop.

Who's going to support my class?

Every adult in the building is encouraged to attend and support class meetings. If you don't have someone assigned to your class during your class meeting, reach out and invite someone!