Friday, May 20 Russian Class Update

Last Day of Russian 1 Class for Spring 2016 Semester

Dear Students and Parents

Thank you to those who submitted all work on time and finishing semester very strong. Those who have a few items to turn in, you have the rest of the day today to do so.

I am so proud of the work you did and I wish you luck with Russian 2. It was a privilege to have you in this class. I hope you enjoyed learning about this so controversial country and I hope this knowledge will be useful in your future. I was especially honored to hear from several students that because of this class they are planning to major or minor in Russian and Slavic studies when in college. You guys will have great opportunities with Russian on your resume.

Huge thank you to all our language coaches for their dedication and work with students during the semester. Make sure to send a thank you note to your coach!

Grades - very important - READ

Make sure you know your grades so it will not be a surprise when you get your report card. You should be able to see the row on top of your Grade book called "Russian 1 course grade". This is the grade you have for the course from NCVPSand it is calculated as follows:
Grading Period 1 is 37.5%

Grading Period 2 is 37.5%
Final Project (both parts) is 25%


NC State Board of Education policy GCS-A-016 allows each school district to set the weight of final exams in determining the final grade for a course. Districts must calculate final exams at least 20%; NCVPS calculates final exams as 25% in its final grade but since NCVPS is a supplement to our public schools, each student's district will determine how much the student's final exam will count in his or her final grade. Therefore, students may see a difference in their final grades the school reports to them if the district weighs final exams more or less than 25%. The district's determination of final exam percentages outweighs NCVPS's decision to weigh final exams 25%. Determination of the final course grade is the district's decision.


If you are a few points away from passing the class, remember, you can listen to a few recordings of the conversation sessions you missed and send me a summary of what you learned from the session. This will give a half of the possible grade.

This is the link to the video that will show you how to find the recorded conversation sessions.

How to find a recording of missed conversation session [link opens in a new window]

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Russian 2

We do not have Russian classes in Summer.

I appreciate many of you asking if I will be teaching Russian 2. I will not be working with Russian 2 next FAll semester. My colleague, Roman Bouchev, will be your Russian 2 instructor.

I have worked on the development of Russian 2 and you will hear my voice in the recordings. Mr. Bouchev will be contacting you at the end of summer to welcome you to the Russian 2 class.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.