Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

By: Mitchel Hierholzer


Where Austin is on a world map and what is located around it, or for it to be recognized in personal manner.

-Absolute Location: 30.2500° N, 97.7500° W

-Relative Location: In Texas. North of Houston and San Antonio, South od Dallas. In the same location of Lake Austin, Captial of Texas. It is located in the Southern part of the U.S.A and is near the middle of Texas itself.

Capitol Of Texas for A Reason


Describes physical charactersitics of Austin and the culture of this place and the who live here.

-Lake Austin, Downtown Austin, Hill Country, Hamiltion Pool.

-Mexican, White, Asian, African American, ect.,

-Socalities, Hippies, All different finacial classes.

-Concerts, Football, Country Music, Farming, Business.


Describes an area of the Earth's surface with similar characteristics, usually more than 1.


- Mostly plains, some hills. Farmer crops and Natural Market places.

- A lot of commercial parts, such as Downtown Austin and shopping malls.

- Woodland parts, little swamp areas near rivers.


- North America, United States, Hot Climate, Cowboy/Country feel, yet suburban culture.


- Downtown Austin is the main point of the whole city, everyones been there and everyone goes there to have fun.

- The 360 Bridge is another main travel part of the city, how everyone gets around.


-People look at Austin being a fun, cool and relaxing place for people of all ages. Teens hangout all around the city doing the fun events Austin has to offer, while Parents can go out and have a nice dinner with their friends or just with each other. Children can play around really anywhere at any restaurant or social scene. Families get along great here, yet also people who are alone trying to find their way could call Austin home as well.


Human- Environment Interaction

Describes how we as people learn to use what the environment offers them and how to change the environment to meet their needs. Basically how we adapt to the environment and how we modify the environment.

- Land development (residential, commercial)

- Shopping malls, Apartments, Neighborhoods, Schools, ext.,

- Drought effects the people in the area.

- Hot temperatures we have to adapt to.

- We keep a lot of the natural part of Austin in good condition (trees, lakes) But its starting to become less and less trees after all the buildings being built for new people moving in here.


Describes how and why, plants, animals, and ideas move through time and place.

- People move here, because its a good place for families and a good sport system.

- People who don't like the cold move here! (:

- Animals that live here are animals such as snakes and woodland creatures that live in more of a ranch type setting. They move when construction occurs.

-Hunting is a big part of the culture here and animals are becoming scarce the more hunting occurs.

- Plant species are more of the garden type and grow anywhere you see an open field. Gardening is also kind of a big thing here in Austin.

- Technology is moving along just like the rest of the world, new phones, computers and all the newest technology trends go on like the next place.

-New ideas, businesses and people come or start here in Austin all the time.



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