A Tribute to Africa

Casis Elementary 3rd Grade Music Program

The 3rd grade evening concert is coming soon!

All students will wear their Casis (Texas) school shirts and/or a bright yellow or bright green t-shirt that is similar. Please no need to buy a new one, but a solid color (bright yellow or green) worn inside-out will do. (No words/logos unless they are tiny and unnoticeable.)

A Tribute to Africa-Casis El. 3rd Grade Music Program

Tuesday, April 19th, 5:30pm

2710 Exposition Boulevard

Austin, TX

Concert will take place in the Cafeteria.

Students arrive at 5:00 and report to the gym.

Please do not drop off students earlier, as there

will be no one there to supervise. Otherwise,

they may be attended by parent(s) or family.

Concert Program

1. Casis School song

2. Fun Wa Alafia

3. Ayelivi

4. Kou Ri Lengay

5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

6. Hakuna Matata (from The Lion King)

& 7. I Just Can't Wait to Be King