The Three Colonies

By Isaac Weatherford

New England Colony

Welcome to America! Let us give you a tour around the new land. The first colony is the New England Colony. We have a lot of great materials like water, timber, and soil. Some of the jobs available are ship building, fishing, whaling, farming, and trading. Our land forms are rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, and plains. You might have to bring your favorite winter coat because it can get cold sometimes. We like to sell timber, fish, and rice.
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The Middle Colony

Let me introduce you to the Middle Colony. We have water, iron, and soil. The climate here is warmer and not as cold in the winter. We have rivers, lakes, and plains. The jobs that are available, are farming and fishing. We like to sell crops, iron, and timber to make money. If you're wondering why we made the long trip, it is because we wanted to practice our Quaker religion and we wanted freedom.

The Southern Colony

Welcome to the last colony, the Southern Colony. Our land forms are mountains, rivers, and plains. Some of the jobs that are available are farming, trading, and timber. We like to sell timber, tobacco, rice, and corn for money. Our climate is very warm. Our great materials are trees, soil, and water. We traveled to the new land because we wanted freedom and a free Catholic religion.

Compare and Contrast

Let's compare these to colony's The Roanoke Colony and the Plymouth Colony. First let's Compare the two colones. They both left a country. Both worked with the Indians. They both farmed corn and wheat. Now let's Contrast the two. The Plymouth Colony settlement didn't fail the Roanoke did. The Roanoke settled in Virginia and the Plymouth settled in the Massachusetts area. The Roanoke wanted to explore when the Plymouth wanted to practice their catholic religion.