The California Gold Rush

The hope of gold makes a man do crazy things

It all started...

The California gold rush was a race for gold.It started in January 24, 1848 when James W. Marshall found a gold nugget. When the news got out people were driven to California with the hope to find gold.At first there were two ways to get there, a six month long boat trip around south america.The trip often caused seasickness,there was also the boredom of nothing to do,that made this route a unpopular one.The other way was traveling by covered wagon.

The Gold Mountain

The hop of gold brought more than people from the states,it brought people from Germany,China,Chile,Mexico,and more.Many did not plan to settle in America though.The Chinese called america the gold mountain,the Chinese hoped to return home rich.But robbers planned to steal from these immigrants,so the Chinese grew very skilled in melting the gold into household item such as pots or pans.When they got home they would remelt their gold items and claim their fortune.


In conclusion people came to California from all over the world to find gold.Some people never found it or were robbed on their way back to their home.Some people like James M. Marshall found gold and were rich.James M. Marshall was the first person to find gold.People either came to California on the trail or took a long unpopular ride on a ship.People came all over the world for gold.