By Emily Wells

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And How to Avoid it

What is Spam?

Spam is email that is given to you without your permission.

Why is it bad?

Many people think Spam is harmless, but in actuality, it can cost money, usually in SMS charges, which are charges you have to pay for emails and texts, and in bandwidth.

Spam also wastes time if you have to sort through it to find your real mail

Spam can also be a good way for fraud and malware to spread.

How do you avoid spam?

Many email sites have filters you can use to avoid spam.

Never reply to spam emails or texts. They often send emails to random people, not even knowing if the account exists, and if you reply, they will keep sending spam to your account.

There are many sites that can create emails to be used for one use. If you sign up for a site that wants your email, but you don't want be getting messages from them, you can use these sites. The email is active for only a few minutes, but it is enough to create an account where you want it.

You may also have two email accounts, one for spam from websites you sign up for, and one for regular mail.