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Rockstars Choosing to Matter in Room 25

Special Mother's Day Edition...

I hope you enjoy the warmer weather this weekend, as well as take the time to soak in the extra love and appreciate all you mothers deserve. I know you work so hard to encourage and support your kids every day! I could not be more proud to know each one of my students this year, and so much is a direct result of the work you do every day as a mom. I wish you a very happy mother's day!

Enjoy the video below as my tribute to you - if you're anything like me, you'll need a tissue or two! :)

Nichole Nordeman - Slow Down (Lyric Video)

Poetry Contest

Go to to enter a poem written by your child. Select entries will be published, and one winner will receive $500.00! Once our entire class submits an entry, our room could be chosen to receive 1-10 additional iPads or computers. Thank you for encouraging your child to be an author!

This Week's Set List (May 9-13)

Week at a Glance/Skills for the Week:

LITERACY – We will continue our final novel study. We are reading The Phantom Tollbooth. This fantasy novel is full of interesting language, puns, and figurative language making it a favorite! In addition to this classwork, the Book Review Assignment is due on May 26th.

WRITING – We are working on our final writing unit, which is informational writing. Students are using what they are currently learning about the Civil War to write these pieces, and publish them in a special Civil War Time for Kids issue.

MATH – We will finish on Unit 12, which focuses on ratios and probability. The test will be on Monday, May 16th. The remainder of the school year will be a review of 5th grade math skills and concepts.

SPELLING – During 4th quarter, we will not be taking spelling tests. All students in this class have demonstrated a 4th-5th grade mastery of spelling, and therefore, we will utilize time for other learning!

SCIENCE – No science this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We continue our Civil War Unit in Social Studies. Students are exploring the following questions throughout their reading and learning: How do people react to change? How do we use the past to help us in our future? A group presentation is due on May 18th.

TIPS - We will continue to use this time for test taking strategies, as well as a chance to practice Socratic Seminars.

** Note: Genius Hour Projects are due on May 24th **

Upcoming Events

May 11th: Early Release Day, 2:55 Dismissal

May 17th: Field Trip to the ISO