Jody Corley Period 4R

Geography Of Syria

Syria has 5 countries surrounding it, they are Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. It is also a medium sized country. The Mediterranean Sea is to the West of Syria. One-third of the land is arable (suitable for growing crops), and one-third is pasturable. Syria is mainly a flat desert plateau. Their heighest mountain that is in this contry is 9,232 ft. and that mountain is Mt Hermon.

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History Of Syria

2011 July - President Assad sacks the governor of the northern province of Hama after mass demonstration there, eventually sending in troops to restore order at the cost of scores of lives.

2011 November - Arab League votes to suspend Syria, accusing it of failing to implement an Arab peace plan, and imposes sanctions.

2012 May - France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia expel senior Syrian diplomats in protest at killing of more than a hundred civilians in Houla, near Homs.

2012 June - Turkey changes rules of engagement after Syria shoots down a Turkish plane, declaring that if Syrian troops approach Turkey's borders they will be seen as a military threat.

2013 March - Syrian warplanes bomb the northern city of Raqqa after rebels seize control. US and Britain pledge non-military aid to rebels.