Mt. Peak Elementary

Library Report for February 2014

Just the numbers

January Checkouts -- 3,659

Year-to-Date Checkouts -- 18,010

InterLibrary Loans to other schools -- 24

Year-to-date InterLibrary Loans -- 60

Events this month

  • Bluebonnet Voters chose their top book. At Mt. Peak the winners were: Wonder, The Humming Room and Waiting on the Magic.
  • All Kindergarten students shared what they have learned by the 100th Day of School
  • Second Graders learn inside an online classroom--Caldecott through the years
  • Virtual Field Trips for K
  • Hosted visiting dentist
  • Peak Day for 2nd grade
  • Visiting author, Bryan Chick, came for grades 3-5
  • Mrs. Fulmer Volunteered in the cafeteria for Valentine's Day because she loves our cooks at Mt. Peak
  • Peak Day for 5th Grade
  • Mrs. Fulmer presented with other librarians at the TCEA Annual Conference
  • Conducted a final inventory on all equipment at Mt. Peak
  • Hosted community and MISD Leaders in the library for the MISD Coffee
  • Hosted a computer club for grades 4 & 5