3rd Ward Relief Society

April 2013 Bulletin


  • Missoula Stake Women's Conference Saturday, April 13th @ Stake Center (3201 Bancroft) Classes, entertainment, & lunch. More details below.
  • NEW LOCATION Volleyball Tuesdays, 8:30 – 9:30 pm now at the @ Stake Center (3201 Bancroft) Join sisters from all local wards. All are welcome, whether you're a pro, have never played a game of volleyball in your life or just want to socialize.
  • Ward Cannery Night 3rd Thursday each month (April 18th), 6 pm @ Bishop’s Storehouse (6200 Industrial Road)
  • Olivia Sears is raising funds to cover travel & living expenses during her daughter’s lengthy kidney transplant recovery. Donations can be made online: http://bit.ly/Ts12iI or call Olivia 406-207-8223.
  • Want to receive important RS updates in your inbox? Send us your email address! Don’t worry, it's a private list. No one else will see your address. missoula3rdrs@yahoo.com

Missoula Stake Women's Conference

Come Discover New Horizons as You Sail the 7Cs

@ the Missoula Stake Women's Conference

Enjoy Classes, Entertainment and Lunch

Casual Dress

Relief Society Sisters Only

Classes Available:

  • Chasing Your Family History/Genealogy
  • Captivating Meals in Minutes
  • Caring for Your Skin, Nails and Face
  • Caring for the More Mature Mind and Body
  • Creative Ways to Teach Children the Scriptures
  • Cash-In on Free Apps for Your iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Clues on How to Find Balance Between Your Husband and Kids
  • Come Put on Your Shiny

**Dads are 1st childcare providers**

Limited childcare available, please bring a sack lunch if childcare is needed.

Poisonous Flower

I Will by Hilary Weeks by Poisonous Flower

April Birthdays

We're so glad YOU were born!

Apr 4: Nikki Watson

Apr 11: Kathleen Olsen

Apr 12: Angela Harris

Apr 12: Bernadette Terry

Apr 12: Christina Robinson

Apr 15: Holly Rogers

Apr 18: Lisa Conklin

Apr 21: Deanna Graham

Apr 24: Taylor Foust

Apr 26: Cheryl Stahl

Apr 28: Jerri Shuey

Apr 29: Karon Baertsch

Food Storage Item of the Week

Week of April 7: Flour

Week of April 14: Cocoa

Week of April 21: Salt

**Don't forget Ward Cannery Night April 18 @ 6pm**

Week of April 28: Popcorn

Every month we will post a list of items to add to our 3-month supply. The idea is that each sister will determine how much she has to spend on food storage for a given week & buy as much of that week’s item as her budget will accommodate.

Visiting Teaching Message

This month's message focuses on Temple Covenants

"As we remember the covenants we make with [the temple], we will be more able to bear every trial and to overcome each temptation.” --Thomas S. Monson

  • Am I worshipping in the temple regularly?
  • Am I encouraging my sisters to receive temple blessings?

Access the April Visiting Teaching Message @ www.reliefsociety.lds.org

Online Inspirational Finds

"I'm a Mormon" - a wonderful collection of videos depicting our brothers & sisters around the globe. Their stories are touching, humorous, interesting and relevant. http://mormon.org/people

Find links to free LDS downloads & printables including iPhone wallpaper, bookmarks, conference quotes and more.



The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (on South Ave)

Missoula 3rd Ward Relief Society Contacts:

President: Tiffany Gardanier, 396-6560
1st Counselor: Patty Nord, 549-2693

2nd Counselor: Kathirynne Jensen, 728-0386
Secretary: Carolyn Scott, 546-9969