Marathon Author Skype

A week of Meet & Greet Authors without leaving Room 12 -OMS

Husky Adventures After School Activity

We will be Skyping with one middle grade author each night and talk about their books and do related activities during the rest of the time.
This is your chance to add three more authors to your " I have met" list and add to your "must read this during the summer" list. Parents are welcome to attend, but we won't be able to accommodate younger siblings.

Guaranteed to be horrifying and grim!

About the Author

I was born in San Francisco in 1982, but moved to Baltimore when I was two and a half. I grew up there, attending a school without very many rules. Somehow, I found a way to break all of them. I spent my entire middle school career in the principal's office. One day I will write a book and tell you about all of the ways you can be sent to the principal's office during middle school. Maybe each chapter will be a different way to be sent to the principal's office. There will be three hundred and forty-five thousand chapters.

Amazing Illustrations! Meet the Artist

Hugh D’Andrade is famously indiscriminate about the uses of his art. It has appeared on book covers, magazine spreads, rock posters, Burning Man paraphernalia, board games, as well as the occasional t-shirt and skateboard. His greatest ambition in life is to project his mental images into the minds of innocent people everywhere. ://