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What to expect: MOM (First trimester)

You might have a little morning sickness in the beginning but it will go away. Your baby is a little over an inch in size. He will double that in the next weeks or so. You may have some wight gaining or possibly bloating. The baby's hands will possibly start to open and close in a fist. You might be showing just a little bit still at this point.

What to expect: BABY (First trimester)

Baby will be making red blood cells in place of the disappearing yolk sac. He will begin to show tiny nails on both fingers and toes. His cute little feet may be long enough to meet with the front of his body. Tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under his gums. His bones are also beginning to harden. Its so beautiful. :)

13 weeks

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What to expect: MOM (Second Trimester)

Your breasts will begin to grow larger and that because you are producing milk. You will have a lot of physical changes from head to toe. You're feet will look bigger but that's normal. You'll probably have gained 3-4 pounds. You will start to see like pink marks on your side but those are just stretch marks.

What to expect: BABY (Second Trimester)

Baby will begin to squint, frown, grimace, pee and maybe suck his thumb. There might be a sign of ultra fine, downy covering of hair. His lungs are developing "branches". His wrinkled skin will become more smooth out. His ears are more developed and he might be able to hear your voice and your partners. He's inheling and exheling a little bit.

27 weeks

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What to expect: MOM (Third Trimester)

This is your last trimester and its about to be time for you to meet your little guy. You might be late and this will get you frustrated. You will see your doctor more often to see how he's doing and what position he's in. You will also be tired and that is understandable because you get no sleep, you have to get up and pee. Your uterus now reaches up under your rib cage. And there is more baby than amniotic fluid.

What to expect: BABY (Third Trimester)

Baby you have no more room inside of mommy anymore now that you are 18 inches long. The womb is a little snug so it's okay that you may not be moving a lot but the amount of kicking should be about the same. Now your kidneys are fully developed. You will be putting on some more weight now. At 37 weeks your brain and lungs are finishing to fully mature. You may not have a lot of hair as you though you would but that normal.

39 weeks

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Advice For Expecting Father

You might be worrying about becoming a father because you're not prepared but it's okay. You can work with mom with that. You also might be feeling a little left out because mom is getting all the attention with her baby shower and all but when baby comes you'll have lots to do too. You also can try to help mommy out sometimes even though her moods are all over the place. But remember she is the one going through a lot with morning sickness and gaining weight but you can get her mind off of this stuff. You can help pick out the name maybe if she lets you.