Human Impact On Oceans

By: Cezar Andrade

The things that we do to save our world

The things that we do to save our beloved world is a lot if u donbt believe so. One of the things that we to save our world is create Artificial reefs for the fish. Also we conserver resources,and put Fishing Regulations for we can make sure there still some fish in the world. The reason we have Fishing regulartions is becuase we might get to carried away and we might start putting marione animals endangered and like this picture these poor sharks they died because of fishers who just wanted to make some quick cash. These are some of the reasons taht we save our oceans from these kind of things

The Impacts that we have to do to save our Oceans

The more of the things that we do for our oceans are preduce Oxygen, and Store Carbon dioxide. The reason we do these thinmgs becuase the trees might not make enough Oxygen for us and Oxygen is very important for us. and the reason we store Carbon Dioxide is becausse if we don't we might be in dager because too much Carbon Dioxide will and can kill us. So this is more facts about us and what we do for our oceans.