DPS Mountain Biking Club

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DPS Mountain Biking Club

The DPS after School Bike Club will meet Fridays from 2:40 – 3:45. We will also be taking a few trips off campus to Discovery Lake and Daily Ranch. We will race against SMMS and WPMS bike clubs and if there is enough interest we will join SoCal Mountain Biking league. We will also ride in the neighborhood streets west of our school and ride our amazing trail system. The Club is for any student who is interested in having some fun riding bicycles and learning more about the sport of bicycling. The first 20 students that turn in this form and the “San Marcos Unified School District Request for Student Participation Form” will be eligible to join the Club. Parents and Students:

Please sign below if you agree to the following rules:

  • Helmets must be worn at all time while on the bicycle

  • Both hands must stay on the handle bars at all times

  • All rules of the road must be obeyed including stop signs, traffic lights and proper signaling before turning

  • No tricks will be allowed on the bicycles which include skidding, wheelies, riding down stairs etc.

  • All instructions from Mrs. Cole (760) 822-5110 and TBA, the Club Leaders, will be followed at all times.

I have read the rules above and agree to follow all of them.


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Emergency Phone Number ___________________________________________