Tech Tidbits from your ITS {2016-2017 v. 11}

VSTE Conference

The 2016 Virginia Society for Technology in Education conference is being held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. During this conference, presenters will bring cutting edge technology and subject area integration to the attendees.

I will be out of the building Monday and Tuesday Dec 5 & 6 attending and presenting at the conference. When I come back, be ready... I will have great ideas to share!

Tech Tidbit Time

Want to know more about Google? Join Tech Tidbit Tuesday for a review of questions you have, tips, tricks, and implementation ideas!

  • Tuesday December 13 (at Malibu)
  • Thursday December 15 (at Windsor Woods)

Mind Your Technology Mindset

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What's Happening?

  • 1st graders used online research and Wixie to demonstrate their understanding of important American symbols. @MalibuES
  • Mrs. Wasilewski's 2nd grade class showed how thankful they were before Thanksgiving break in Wixie! They used the Wixie stickers and typed out what they were thankful for. @MalibuES
  • 1st grade at Windsor Woods had a big STEM day before break and we worked together to create a Makerspace just for the 1st graders! They "hid the turkey" to keep it safe. Without glue or tape, students had to get creative with the materials given so their turkey wouldn't be spotted. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Ms. Tocco's class geared up for their safari this week. Students were able to ask questions to our guides and they loved hearing their name said as their questions were answered. The leopards and the hippo were a big hit in this class! @MalibuES
  • 4th grade with Ms. Heard took a lesson in more than computer science when we ventured into Hour of Code. Critical thinking skills were put to the test in this activity and students saw how important it was to read directions before beginning. @MalibuES
  • Mr. Burnsworth's class enjoyed their safari this week. Students were enamored by the live stream and came up with alternative ways they could complete a nature walk with the knowledge gained from their safari. @MalibuES
  • As Ms. Moody's class worked on place value, one of the small groups and I took to Wixie to use visual digital manipulatives to reinforce place value. @MalibuES
  • Safaris continued at Windsor Woods with Ms. Borchers's class. Students asked wonderful questions as we watched antelope and warthogs. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Students in Ms. Borchers's class continued breaking down their classroom walls by joining a Google Classroom and completing assignments online. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Lions, and leopards, and bugs oh my! Mrs. McClasky's class had an animal-filled adventure with their live safari. Students asked questions and had a great time hearing their questions answered in real-time. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Critical thinking and perseverance was put to the test with Ms. Borchers's 3rd grade class when we began coding. @WindsorWoodsES

Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu Elementary

Windsor Woods Elementary