Tech for Admin

Technology that Works for Administration

Come join us to learn how technology can spice up your staff meetings, walk throughs, and parent communication

DSD Professional Development will guide the administrators through a technology journey that focuses on how to implement technology skills into staff meeting by using the BYOD method, create Google Forms to help generate data from the staff walk throughs, and finally communicate with the parents using Web 2.0 tools.

Tech for Admin

Tuesday, Dec. 17th 2013 at 9-11:30am

5600 Post Road

Dublin, OH

Come join DSD Professional Development for a free technology workshop. We will run two sessions of this workshop. The first session will start at 9:00 and go until 11:30. The second session will start at 12:00 and go until 2:30. After the second session we will be hosting a networking gathering.

Sign up now to reserve your spot. The first 10 participants will receive a Free Apple TV to use during their next staff meeting.

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Agenda Overview

DSD Professional Development prides themselves on the fact that they make each professional development a hands-on experience. During the free Tech for Admin workshop, the participants will get a chance to explore, touch, and create tools that can be implemented into the next staff meeting.

Theater-15 Minute Introduction

Studio Sessions- Rotate between three studio sessions- 20 minutes for each session

Play- Time spent exploring the different tools- 20 Minutes

Theater- 15 Minute Conclusion


What is a Theater Session

The Theater Session is when the whole group will meet to talk about important techniques and ideas that should be heard for the entire group. During free Tech for Admin workshop, DSD Professional Development team will start and end in the Theater.

Studion Sessions

Play Session

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Participants in the free Tech for Admin workshop will get a chance to play with the tools and websites during the play session. This guided play will be overseen by our in house technology expert to help answer any questions the principals or directors might have while they are exploring the websites.

DSD Professional Development

DSD Professional Development has been providing differentiated trainings around the State of Ohio and Colorado for the last four years. We believe that schools need to make every moment count. We provide resources to the administration and teacher to ensure that the students are challenged, engaged, and participating in every moment in the classroom environment.