Dred Scott

Bio about Dred Scott

Early Life

Dred Scott was born into slavery in Virinia around 1800. Dred grew up,probably in slave Quarters, on the Blow property in southamptom crunty 1818.


Dred Scott was unable to read or write. On March 6,1857 Dred Scott finaly received a decision about his suit for freedom. Chief Justice Roger B Taney ruled that Scott, beacause of his race, he was not a citizen of the united states.


Dred Scott convinced Montgomery Blair to argue for the Scotts in what became the famous Dred Scott V. Sanford case.

Interesting facts

On December for the first time, Scott was living in "free" territory. On December 1, 1833, Dred Scott traveled with Dr.Emerson to the Fort Armstrong at the Rock island.

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