My Digital Footprint

What it Is and How It Benefits

What Is a Digital Footprint

  • A general Representation of All Internet Usage
  • Could Be Used In Tracking For Workforce
  • Could Be Positive and or Negative
  • Represents Who You Are Even On the Internet
  • Important Because: Represents Your Online Self
  • In a Digital Era, Online You Is VERY Important
  • Large and Smart Companies Will Check Your Online Self
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My LinkedIn Footprint

  • I use LinkedIn on a Proficient basis
  • Account is Completed to an Advanced Basis
  • All Information Regarding: School, Future Job Wants, Causes I Care For, Skills, etc. Are Listed
  • A Professional Updated Profile Picture Is Used
  • Contact Information Listed
  • Every Description Uses Proper Grammar
  • Friends are Updated Daily
  • Helps Tremendously Because It is an Example of a Positive Footprint
  • Will Help Me Reach My Job Wants
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My Twitter Digital Footprint

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  • Once More, I am a Proficient User
  • I Follow Valuable Resources in Becoming a Political Scientist
  • Skills In the Following: Bilingualism, Political Science, Etc. Are Listed
  • Used For Philanthropy and School Awareness
  • Rate: Positive Footprint
  • Used For Good, and Teachers Tweet Out to me Showing Involvement
  • Political Views Are Shown: Good For Being a Political Scientist

My Facebook Digital Footprint

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  • Advanced User
  • Used For: Staying in Touch with Friends, and Announcing Things for School
  • Profile Picture, Skills and Talents listed
  • Used for School Awareness Causes
  • New Posts, Posted Regularly
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Overview on my Footprint

  • Very Positive Footprint
  • Resources to be Successful are Followed!
  • Regularly Used for School Awareness
  • Will Help Me Enter a Job, and or College
  • No Harm Will Come
  • Accounts Used for Private Reasons are Kept PRIVATE

Constant Improvement

  • As a Student, I Have to Remember to Keep School Awareness
  • My Profiles Have to Stay Professional, and Private (when I own a private account)

What I learned This Semester

  • BE CAUTIOUS: Your Accounts Play a BIG Role in the Real World
  • The Internet is not a Safe Haven from Reality
  • A Good Footprint = Good Job
  • People Go To Jail for Being Stupid On the Web
  • STAY SMART: This World Revolves Around the Internet Now!

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