Golden Age Of Sports 1920's

by yours truly Calvin William Medeiros (:

1920's The Golden Age Of Sports

In the 1920's in almost every sport emerged legends like Babe Ruth and other iconic athletes.

In this time period famous athletes came out of no where for many sports including baseball, football, tennis, golf, polo, and the Olympic sports.

Sports take off

During this time many records were broken and set and new light was shined to new sports and old sports that didn't quite receive as much attention.

Football created!

Football is arguably Americas most popular sport today. In the 20's seven men took it to themselves to create a football league. August 20, 1920 the American Professional Football Association (APFA) was born and lead to todays NFL.


In 1917 the NHL was created. The origional six teams Boston Bruins,ChicagoBlackHawks,Detroit Red Wings, Montrial Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leaves were in the first seasons.


All sports and players alike made a unique and monumental experiance for athletic history.